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Abengoa, selected for the development of two new projects for Codelco

The world's largest copper supplier has relied on Abengoa once again for improvement works on its copper mines.

Abengoa Chile, awarded for safety in Chile

  • It has been recognized for the fourth time by the Chilean Chamber of Construction in the honor roll, in the six stars category 2020.

Abengoa, selected to execute a 500-kV line and an electrical substation in the southern zone of Chile

The project corresponds to the expansion plan of the Chilean national transmission system.

Abengoa obtains in Chile the certification of its hygiene and safety paritary committees

The certification is delivered by the Mutual de Seguridad CChC, the entity in charge of reviewing and supervising the work of the joint health and safety paritary committees.

Abengoa is awarded the construction of a substation and the sectioning of three 220 kV double-circuit lines in Chile

The project is part of the expansion plan of the country's national transmission system.